All of us are uniquely crafted but we have one special gift in common!

I do NOT deliver lectures but messages of hope that embrace your gifts.

Is your child struggling with low self-worth, self-confidence or self-esteem? Is it affecting his/her school life?

I have first hand experience of how that feels like, and here’s my offer:

I will provide a free 30 minutes assessment where you will tell me about one of your child’s struggles and I will help you with 3 tips to fix it.

Afterwards, if that helps, I would also love to talk to you about how I might be able to support your child further so that he/she can get even bigger results. Sound good?

Goal Setting


Mind Mapping

What You Can Expect From Me

3 Ps
  • Passion: It drives my purpose and energy to help youths have the best life in school.
  • Personal phone and face-to-face consultations prior to your event enables me to best serve your purpose and audience.
  • Professional and prompt responses to your messages.
Success Story

Having been a miserable underachiever to becoming a Straight A student myself, I have a deep understanding of what struggling youths feel and go through which gives me an insight into their lives.

– Grace Lee

Getting struggling youths motivated to have the best school life using my tested and proven 3-step model.