Meet Grace

You and I… We are a lot more alike than you realize.

Maybe you feel discouraged and worthless, and your fears and hurts hold you back.

I am no stranger to life’s struggles and disappointments because that’s exactly how I felt. Surviving hardships as a young orphan, my innocent childhood life started out with pain and insecurity that covered half my lifetime. I lived through the experience of having taken many wrong turns and feeling like a failure . I am a living example of how life can be changed with purpose.

As a former insecure foster child with low self-esteem turned youth advocate, I should be living on the streets or of an unsound mind today. But by the grace of God, I was lovingly taken in by a wonderful foster family and surrounded with love.

The catch is:

After completing my N Levels, there were not many options. I spent 5 additional years walking down the road less traveled just to get back on track to obtain the pre-requisites required to study in University.

Peer pressure, parents’ expectations, bad habits, social media, and low self-esteem are real. Sound familiar? You are not the only one because I was you! But being faced with adversities can give rise to revelations about the things that are important in life and that was exactly what happened. The 5 years were truly an eye-opener and life changing after I discovered two things:

  1. My Thoughts. Thoughts DO become things so make sure to nurture your thoughts like seeds and they will become your growing garden of the future.
  2. My Gift. We are all given an amazing gift from birth… The gift is life. I found creative ways to conquer the problems in my life which made all the difference.

I bounced back from rock bottom to create a happier path for myself and became a rising star in all the endeavors that I set out to achieve. Although I love hospitality and thriving off the company of others, I longed to go deeper with people than simply do anything and everything special for the sake of achieving top-rated customer happiness. I wanted to help people find strength in their brokenness from the inside.

Today, I share my personal stories, mistakes and hard lessons to make an impact on youths. I provide commentary on youths’ challenges by helping to effect change in their lives through empowerment, by finding genuine contentment, building more confidence and self-esteem, motivation and developing good habits with my authenticity, energetic passion and proven solutions.

Looking back, reflection is the road that leads to growth. If you have tried and failed in the past, it was only because you did not have the right tools and guidance. To navigate your way forward in life, taking a little risk here and there is absolutely necessary. Choose to make it fun!

Looking forward, the best part about all of this is… This is your life and you are free to fly! At, I support youths where they are today if they are looking for a way to overcome the barriers holding them back in their school performance and how they want to grow.

Here, you will find resources and my commitment to close the gap between where youth students are now and facilitate their transformation and enrich their education.

The desire to see the broken pieces of as many youths’ lives being picked up as possible and built into something beautiful is what drives my life’s purpose.

With Gratitude,


Personal Message:

I’ve got you!

So don’t wait any longer. There is a spark inside you just waiting to be ignited… It’s time to unlock your potential!

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