We don’t always have the entire road map laid out, but we do have unique talents and strengths, desires and temperaments.

My passion is to care, influence, support and empower youth students to discover resources, opportunities, and conversations around the topics most critical to them.

With an open heart, you can achieve anything… Open your heart!

Thank You for Being Here

I had a challenging childhood.

I was abandoned at birth, placed in a children’s orphanage and news about my missing biological mother was splashed over The Straits Times. Love saved me a few years later. I was blissfully adopted, or so I thought.

By 8 years of age, I was unable to cope with my emotions and my world as I knew it crumbled. I was broken inside. BROKEN.

I was faced with an identity crisis. I was so conflicted because I wanted to know where I came from and put the missing and broken pieces of my childhood life puzzle together. Feeling Agony, Alone, Abandoned, Lost and Resentful, I became Rebellious and Suicidal… I have been there, felt that. I KNOW what it means to be a youth in trouble.

But because of my foster parents’ love, even though it was excruciating to finally face the reality after denying it for years, I was able to embrace life once again.

Today, I dedicate my life to helping youths understand themselves and learn that they are free to create their own future. I help to effect change in their lives with my authenticity and energetic passion. Ultimately, everything we do starts out as thought, so why not think (then create) and add value to our life!


1) With every breath we take, a unique opportunity arises.

2) Speaking is NOT a privilege. It is a responsibility.

3) I want to share my life-changing messages and influence the hearts of those who most need to hear it.

Finding a speaker who is influential and cares about her audience can be challenging.

Whether you are a school, educational institute, or non-profit organization that works with at-risk children and youths, I share messages designed with heart, delivered with heartfelt inspiration and practical solutions that effect change. I bring hope to youths who are struggling with their studies or those who want more out of life. I enjoy adding value where I am able to meet students where they are and take them to a new level. The positive consequences last a lifetime for me and them!

The heartwarming story of my adolescence years relates well with even the most difficult youths and helps them to find genuine contentment, build confidence, build motivation and develop good habits while they are still young. I am a living proof that the broken pieces of our lives can be picked up and built into something beautiful.

Youths can also benefit from my lessons and gain wisdom by learning the mistakes from the person (me) that made the mistake in the first place. I want to spare them the pain of learning life the hard way. If I can help them before they ‘mess up’, that would give them a better life.

So let me say Thank you for considering me.  I am grateful and honored.


I donate 5% of all profits to the Singapore Children’s Society.

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Life itself is a gift to be valued.

Live by choice, not chance.

Don’t be the best, be your best!

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