Grace’s workshop is 100% designed and customized for your event.  It is educational, informative, emotional, interactive, actionable and most importantly, fun.  After her workshop, participants will leave with the tools and mindset to feel empowered and attract more positivity into their life.

Workshop 1:  Engagement and Team-building

1 or 2 hours (Aged 7 and up)
Using the power of play, Grace leads the workshop participants on a journey of self-actualization, and team awareness through social interactions. The interactive activities are designed to equip and empower them with strategy application to effect change within themselves and others. They will have an opportunity to collaborate, compete and celebrate accomplishments.

Audience Takeaways:

  • Develop inter-dependency in teams
  • Encourage out-of-box creative thinking to create a reality​​
  • How you show up for others influences how others shows up for you
  • Improve inter-team communication
  • Motivate and celebrate individual and team achievements
  • Understand interpersonal problems within the team

Workshop 2:  Study Skills

3 hours (Aged 12 and up)
Grace leads the workshop through a 3-step study skills model, a technique she has been personally developing since 2001 in a long struggle to overcome the barriers to her academic success. Sometimes, there is an underlying reason why participants have academic difficulties. Through this workshop, they will learn how to develop questioning and thinking skills. Topics include goal-setting, mind-mapping and time management. They can use the strategies to get more studying done with less stress.

Audience Takeaways:

  • Basic principles of time management
  • Practice a growth mindset
  • Practice setting goals & improve memory skills
  • Remember and learn new information using mind maps
  • Stay organized with a study schedule
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